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3 new weapons for tonight

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1489 days ago

3 new weapons for tonight


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Skulliey 1488 days ago

it looks nothing like gia blade, i mean the wolf is completly different and also the sword has different colors and shape

Kenji_PR 1489 days ago

middle one totally awsome :)

AmirHaziq1798 1489 days ago

middle one!!! Awesome!!!

Aizu_Zaphkiel 1489 days ago


SoloXz_AE 1489 days ago


G73DZ 1489 days ago

nice swords :D

DemonifiedLord 1489 days ago

Is it just me or does the weapon on the left look alot like the Gia blade from the suggestion shop, Drawn by Dorene?

EvilBreeds_EVIL 1489 days ago

Yeah, the weapon on the left would be much better if the blade on it was an extension of the wolf

Dage_The_Great 1489 days ago

you guys are ass's .you try to make and flash drawings every week ,and try to make new designs >:O

SerRaviel 1489 days ago


FourBeardStrong 1489 days ago

Let's see you do better. :] Come on! Oh wait, you can't? Then eat it. No one cares.

ChronoPinoyX 1489 days ago

The left blade looks like you stuck a drawing of a wolf's head onto the blade... Really doesn't go

hajimesaitou3 1489 days ago

Where are the 3 weapons I only see 3 shit

CrossXfire2 1489 days ago

really looking forward to the release tonight! Good job

OptrickTafire 1489 days ago

*Cough* Gia Blade *Cough*

Axe459 1489 days ago

Left one looks like gia blade from suggestion shop and middle one looks like Rikus keyblade

xXwakaXwakaXx 1489 days ago

sick! especially the left one man

RDudeAE 1489 days ago

These are sweet.

XnaraArts 1489 days ago

Very nice man!

KevoNguyen 1489 days ago

Are these for the war? Answer please. Thanks.