Anomalous duck surfer.

Update, on my personal armor ... personal weapon coming soon. (release date of these to players, might come)

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1492 days ago

Update, on my personal armor ... personal weapon coming soon. (release date of these to players, might come)


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BoyoyoIsXanlee 1361 days ago

still nice from the first time ive seen you finished it

Bluderjack 1443 days ago

waoh why so serxy?

Art_DS_Raja 1449 days ago

thought u were male? nice armor tho

Slivax 1458 days ago


Cowctus 1489 days ago

Says she cant make good armors, makes this. Wat

EverettDumont 1489 days ago

Good job Veneeria :)

CrossXfire2 1491 days ago

that is impressive! nice!

DarkonDrago 1491 days ago

Awesomely awesomeness! Love how you put together the set xD Nice eye and halo!

IcePhoenix6 1491 days ago

The hand does stick out a bit, perhaps if it was the same shade as the buckles it might tie in to the armour a bit nicer. Also the feet do seem a bit off but i think thats mainly cause they are the only thing in the image that is blue >.<

IcePhoenix6 1491 days ago

(release date of these to players, might come) <--- saw this, almost cried

ZeldaHoly 1492 days ago

For real this is the nicest girl armor evar!

Top_AE 1492 days ago

following the theme of her foot. Belts everywhere doesnt match in my opinion

Top_AE 1492 days ago

I love her face! Halo seems unnecesary. Can you explain that "thing" on her head? I think i prefer her to be covered. You could use a darker color for the metal of the armor to match it better. Idk why i imagine her with a "scarf of dreams", following the

Veneeria_AQW 1492 days ago

a wing with an aura on it? i am not picturing it :/

UnleashinVoid 1492 days ago

I don't think you would want this idea, but how bout a one winged cape with the aura of night?

UnleashinVoid 1492 days ago

I love the detail placed in it and really like how you are rocking the aura of night in it.

AegisAQW 1492 days ago

Just curve the straps a little. Heh you did it for all the other belts so it just stands out more.

Veneeria_AQW 1492 days ago

wasn't sure if it could be seen from distance... And since nobody cared.. i never changed back xD

AegisAQW 1492 days ago

epicness dipped in awesomesauce. One thing that bugs me a little, the belts on the shoulder are a bit flat. Y DO IT D:

SoulAlly_Hanna 1492 days ago

Wow! Nice!!