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Busy With New Album, Book, Reality Show 'If I never went to jail, did drugs, toted guns or made hot music, you never would have gave a f--k in the.   Post-Prison T.I.   Four books written by reality TV show creator and producer Dr.   Latest reality check information from On the Lot Productions, LLC, reality shows, films and books from producer and author Dr. Melissa Caudle including The Reality of. AMC Orders Kevin Smith Comic Book Store Reality Series  The Line it is Drawn #88 – Comic Book Characters on Reality Shows  Comics Should Be Good @ Comic Book Resources. Will they last? Should they. Melissa Caudle on creating reality shows and reality show business plans.   Reality TV News and Newsletter - Official website for the book The.   Reality TV star books popped up the minute reality shows hit big, and everyone's trying to catch the 15 minutes of fame wave. The Reality Shows (9781558616714): Karen Finley, Ann. A pure reality check for all.   Kevin Smith Talks New Reality Series Comic Book Men - TV Preview. She has appeared and. Busy With New Album, Book, Reality Show | Music.  Go follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter (if you have Twitter, that is – if you don’t, you can go sign up).   Karen Finley: Karen Finley is a New York-based artist whose raw and transgressive performances have long provoked controversy and debate.   Phaedra Parks Talks New Book, Pitching Reality TV Shows | News | BET  Phaedra Parks is working to branch out with a book and more TV shows. Reality Show (9780743299824): Howard Kurtz: Books  Howard Kurtz is the media reporter for The Washington Post , and also writes a weekly column for the newspaper and a daily blog for its website. He is also host of