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Genesis of Revontheus female version.

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1295 days ago

Genesis of Revontheus female version.


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gtremmel 1288 days ago


PicosaAqw 1288 days ago

awesome, those wings are to die for

SteampunkSkurge 1292 days ago

I miiiight just leave the Legion for a FEW minutes so I can get this armor.
No harm, right?

tahu4260 1293 days ago

hope this comes out today or next week:)

AKAKeefe 1294 days ago

better be diamonds to win the favor of the war

EsherazAE 1294 days ago


MarijaBlagojev3 1294 days ago

Really,really epic armor :I I love it :D Hope it will be diamonds :3

mturf 1294 days ago

definitely a must own for me my good man. awesome work.

tahu4260 1294 days ago

that is beautfial, 3 wish, 1 that its diamonds, 2 that the hairstyle will stay, 3, that it comes out this week

buggy1008 1294 days ago

I love your Bird wings setup you do Rev reminds me of the beautiful Raven and Crow :3

buggy1008 1294 days ago

well of course the wings are big. THATS WHAT PEOPLE WANT. to look like gods with huge Wings and Armor! Am i right peeps?

Tanapon_chp 1294 days ago

One of your wish has already granted. This fallen seraph is fully CC since the start.

Artist_4_Hire 1294 days ago

Now this is beautiful. :)

XIncandescentX 1294 days ago

This looks amazing Rev, *claps*

Mordefort 1294 days ago

very nice :D

Nihilmus 1294 days ago

3 wishes for this armor: 1. Add it in the Diamond Shop, 2. Add the Hairstyle in-game aswell, 3. CC

glydingonwater 1294 days ago

: Thank god for that. Don't think I'd be interested in this set so much if it weren't for that.

DarkshadeAE 1295 days ago

that would be awesome i wanna get them now cause of what you just said

Rsrdaman 1295 days ago

Wings are WAY too big. this is really gonna crowd rooms..

Akriloth 1295 days ago

I don't think I can wait much longer add it this Friday please!