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Genesis of Revontheus! 

Fully CC to Base, Trim & Accessory. Wing is CC to Hair. 

When even the most holy fall...

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759 days ago

Genesis of Revontheus!

Fully CC to Base, Trim & Accessory. Wing is CC to Hair.

When even the most holy fall...


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Shadow5layer 736 days ago

Plz release a non mem diamond version of the armor n wings for all our hard work n makin nulgath win

QwertyVictor 741 days ago

a and cycero 2?

QwertyVictor 741 days ago

plz request, or ask milton 2 request, your fans are desperate! AC's will b fine 2, should i ask alin

QwertyVictor 741 days ago

maybe do a key of rev with this one, im mem but im just comfortable with no mem stuff. no CC no mem?

Shadow5layer 744 days ago

Dude please release a non mem version of this armor after nulgath wins PLEAAAAAAAAAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Shadow5layer 746 days ago

I wish a non-mem replica of this armor would release after Nulgath wins, maybe priced for 500 diams?

sandezboy 751 days ago

I wish this is released for just Gold, Archfiend Favors, or just free because Nulgath won. x3

ZeroExalted 751 days ago

I didn't really think of it before, but I guess you could go out on a limb and say that the wings and hair are based on Safer-Sephiroth's...

Still, Revontheus has to be the greatest artist to have ever graced AQW. He instantly knew what to bring to the

Necro_Zayrus 751 days ago

you dont know what the legion will get.. Only see my image and the Aranax twitpic :D!

TheManWithABox 751 days ago

now revontheus is 1000000000 times better then nulgath

Shadow5layer 753 days ago

Dis is an ace up his sleeve. If it's released for diamonds, Nulgath's 100% gonna win this war.

GaleWarrior 754 days ago

Would be nice if your backgrounds were a lil' brighter.

JSketches 755 days ago

lol you've top dage's recently created work

Synysterr59 756 days ago

Dage's armors havent been as up to par as I'd like them to be lately. You're tempting me Revontheus!

GarkoksDran 756 days ago

Wings O.O...

RebornWound 756 days ago

And the armors you made is my favorite armors for the Nulgath VS Dage war. I'm going to play OS!

RebornWound 756 days ago

back on AQW to help Milton with the war. You're no COPYCAT, I appreciate the work you've done on AQW

RebornWound 756 days ago

time and I think Dage and his "followers" are assholes for what they did. It was funny seeing you

RebornWound 756 days ago

This is worth getting, just like all your other armors! I've appreciated your art for a very long

EsherazAE 757 days ago