Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!


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2750 days ago



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catfamilie 2749 days ago

Don't worry, Lance, "Elle reviendra ..."

stoofy 2749 days ago

I wonder if Alinco DJ-C5 radios react similar to racers after a day of rest?

NPJenn 2749 days ago

"much ado about nothing" but made it interesting in a different way today for those watching at home. Thanx for featuring Cav and Big GH on the video today. My cousin Bob diagnosed a few weeks ago, stem cells harvested and ready for transplant. Livestrong

Cora007xyz 2749 days ago

And how was it without it? You have survived it good? Did´nt you?

YoavSegal 2749 days ago

Add wristband to your Twitter with 1 click - Support Lance's return to Tour and #LIVESTRONG global cancer fight.(via )

cyclegal 2749 days ago

A shoe box would have been a nice touch. Lack of radios did provide for good entertainment today!

graciejohn 2749 days ago

Makes me think of the song by REM.......Radio Free Europe. Must be a #1 Hit with the Tour Organizers.

frogertect 2749 days ago

Can you 'ear me now? Tour de Retro. This too shall pass.

emilederosnay 2749 days ago

It's not about the French, you fools. It's the Tour AND the UCI (so are you going to say McQuaid is French?). Besides, not everyone in the peloton is against it. Furthermore, your bigoted comments about the French go against the spirit of the Tour. Why is

markharmon 2749 days ago

Lance doesn't need a radio anyway. Everyone else needs one to try and figure out his next move.

davesimcoe 2749 days ago

No radio, no problem. It's not like you and Alberto were chatting it up anyway. Seriously, lack of radio is real safety concern. Shortsighted move.

orihoffer 2749 days ago

Now the athletes have to make decisions on their own as to whether to chase and how hard to push - not a computer. Should make for more fun finishes.

jakevilla 2749 days ago

What's next...No wrist bands?

tomwinand 2749 days ago

Yep I hear the french are thinking of allowing two cans and a string back to the team car. It's not their fault they have always been technically challenged Look at their cars Peugeot, Citroën and Renault? Do I need to say more.

RogueBandle 2750 days ago

What's up with Alberto saying he won't follow if you attack in the Alps? I say attack and kick some ass-Number AEight is yours for the 'em all who's BOSS!

michaellaforte 2750 days ago

Don't sweat it. You've got better raw natural instincts than anyone. You're gonna jam dude!

DanPonce 2750 days ago

Next thing you know they'll take away the spare bikes and make you fix your own broken forks and then penalize you because you had help with the bellows. What century is this?

MikeHorras 2750 days ago


vilheg 2750 days ago

Go Lance, you rock!!=D Hope you kick Alberto's butt in the Alpes...

SeaWolfLabs 2750 days ago

Maybe you could give that to Alberto, since it seems his is not working properly.