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Found this early image of the cosmos.

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2705 days ago

Found this early image of the cosmos.


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usedlove 2597 days ago

i really apreciate this picture it makes me really calm. :) i would love to know the meanin of this?

seizethedae 2627 days ago

I wish I could get that tattooed.

SeemaSugandh 2647 days ago

Really interesting! I like it! Thank you for posting it Sean!

myndfyl 2687 days ago

Very cool, thank you for sharing

jcklaus 2694 days ago

Beautiful... looks like something that belongs at that great place in LA - The Museum of Jurrassic Technology

bills_fa_life 2698 days ago

Thanks Sean, that reminds me of a Taschen book I have on alchemy and mysticism

mazeri 2704 days ago

wow...where did you find this picture?

mon_cher_ami 2704 days ago

I don't know why, but it loks like sad. Sorry...

FlyRobinFly 2705 days ago

It resembles the tree house I had as a child back in the 9th century.

SofiaSean 2705 days ago

Your art is like a life tree.

gaby_cepeda 2705 days ago

so pretty :)

greenmountains 2705 days ago

extraordinary!!! the tree of life ... the gate of the Heart. thank you .. so glad for your new friend ... i ii iii

pandaeyes82 2705 days ago

Amazing picture, been staring at it for ages. Thanks for posting. :)

pietsuess 2705 days ago

"The Cosmic Serpent, DNA and the origins of knowledge" - Jeremy Narby

BeckettsPatient 2705 days ago

That image is just awesome! :-) Thanks for sharing