Chad Johnson


Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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2236 days ago


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Adny_Lb 1688 days ago

sssssssssssss ke buena foto locko #Awesome

TokenBrotha 2177 days ago

All Awesome

RbtheGhost 2223 days ago

All ugly, next group

Mr_Harris10 2226 days ago

I wonder why no women commented on this one! Damn!

coachguru2009 2231 days ago

Girl on the left has that look in her eye that she is going to be the lucky 1 on that night!

MezTootsiePop 2233 days ago

Chad, with you whore loving ass. If you don't leave those uber skanky white girls alone you will need a frequent humper card at the free clinc.

WEATHERMANE 2233 days ago


tbarry912 2234 days ago

niceeeee u lucky dog

RustyBill9 2235 days ago

Aight I gotta give ya know how to party dats fo damn sho!

ZaeSaav 2236 days ago

chad your my hero haha get it brotha!

ohdaylay 2236 days ago

Dude, lets party.

dreezy17 2236 days ago

this a great look right here

BigScrap 2236 days ago

\/ hAtEr!!!!!!!!

2Tiffney 2236 days ago

Whore,Whore, and more Whores.... Looks like fun if thats what ur into!!!

DHtheGreat 2236 days ago

Damn.....Damn......Damn......That's all I can say

RoscoeFiyah 2236 days ago

Good Shit my Duu.

JRawk12 2236 days ago

You're cheesin' bigger than a sixteen year old kid that got a Lamborghini for his birthday! Can't say I really blame ya!

DadeCountyBoyz 2236 days ago

now dats the life brother!!!! Toon, Gurpz, 747!!!!!! Dade County Boyz!!!

jruss004 2236 days ago

do it big homie

dakid_009 2236 days ago

mi nombre es ochocinco..como se llaman ustedes..speak spanish to them and watch them fall!