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U2_WalkOn 1391 days ago

Mmmm bread bread

dapana2 1928 days ago

love this pic. breakfast at plaza athenee- best butter....brioche w chunks of sugar... love the mini baguette w ridges, daughter likes other one bec it's crispy on the outside

EdneiaAlves 1942 days ago

because of that Bono is a little fat ... nothing serious ...

SuperFreakNZ 2043 days ago

Carbs.I thrive on carbs and U2,haha.

nerdleigh 2047 days ago

End Hunger..hehehe

gaelle91 2095 days ago

hummm super le petit déj à la française!!

gaelle91 2096 days ago

hummm... nos viennoiseries françaises, rien à dire!! j'espère que vous avez aimé!!
thanks for the concert in stadium of france: was magnificient, you was perfect :-) thanks to sharing your pictures!!

MailaneCarolina 2112 days ago


Terrasidius 2114 days ago

Im hungry now, thanks Edge. :)

Hawkmooner 2116 days ago

Yummmmm! I just gained a couple of pounds looking at those.

BonoismyElvis 2116 days ago

That Looks Very Yummy, Where's Mine?

myrfox 2116 days ago

no cheese??? from holland?

bononatra 2118 days ago

mmmmm........looks delish

kambiado 2118 days ago

I really wanna eat that...

giullimoon 2118 days ago

hummmmm nhamy!!!

tathimitchell 2118 days ago

where are the fruits and vegetables?? :/

fionnaward 2118 days ago

Can I have '..the crumbs from your table"..??? Hahaha
Fi- from Sydney

Gravy1199 2120 days ago

Hope you guys packed your Crestor and Vytorin...Profalactic treatment for French cuisine. ;-)

outtacontrol56 2121 days ago

Where's the Nutella?

queen_kabuki 2121 days ago

om nom nom.