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A preview of something for the War Finale...

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1498 days ago

A preview of something for the War Finale...


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iangrantgarret 1496 days ago

hmmmmmmmmmmm miltonius armor with wings >:D

KaiiTakahashi 1496 days ago

This is only a preview,a silhouette,a shadow of what it really looks like.

KaiiTakahashi 1496 days ago

How can you say that? You haven't even seen what this looks like yet.

qutenoob 1496 days ago

AmelzHollow_AE paragon will end up beeing a unisex item wich dage already make enough

Amel_Azman 1496 days ago

I really want paragon more than this ~.~

DTAQW 1496 days ago

Except Paragon looks awful, in my opinion.

EffinKillerAQW 1496 days ago

0__0 wow thats epic!

yuri_shaman 1496 days ago

I'm loyal to Nulgath even if he just give us a stick-man armor as reward.

boomudoom 1497 days ago

Fallen Seraph of Revontheus?

FLAM1N 1497 days ago

dude no chance. It's a personal. He'll make something great and yeah.

Art_DS_Raja 1497 days ago

gonna give us the chance to get paragon if legion win surely u want that right?

Shenrir 1497 days ago

Can we see the preview? Like that Fav or Retweet thing.

Killer_Bandit 1497 days ago


FLAM1N 1497 days ago

Unless brings out something better Nulgath's won!

The_halabala 1497 days ago

Sweet! The wings remind me of a seraphim although, Seraphims are nothing close to Nulgath's stuff.

Pactagonal 1497 days ago

Aged Of Revontheus :)

JSketches 1497 days ago

Angemon? :D

DTAQW 1497 days ago

Evolved Revontheus <3 <3

kayswiss97 1497 days ago

OMG i love it, even though i havent seen it. Defo gonna get this...hopefully.

Whs123AQW_DF 1497 days ago

Amazing man. Truly love it without even seeing it. Adding that to the top of my list of stuff to get