Meu char :

@DageTheEvil Why not put it in war? she is very beautiful = D

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1080 days ago

Why not put it in war? she is very beautiful = D


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ImNotOnl 1077 days ago

Look like Noob Saibot LoL And the eyes are CUTE

DeneosAE 1077 days ago

make the armor cc and make the blade dual and add some animation to the blade and the war is yours

EffinKillerAQW 1078 days ago

is this like evo blade master?

EffinKillerAQW 1078 days ago

zomg thats epic

HeadCrusherAE 1078 days ago


HeadCrusherAE 1078 days ago

az pretty cool.

kyhlroberts 1078 days ago

GOD NO. Not CC like they say but i do think you could of put a bit for work into it. Recoloured BM...

RDudeAE 1079 days ago

Make that CC, you got the war. :)

GiraAzuha 1079 days ago

if you want to win this war,you should make this armor CC and should not looks like BM

sanred_123 1079 days ago

the difference is only black and added a helm and a sword :3

sanred_123 1079 days ago

just a black version of blademaster e.e

AQWRikuTheDark 1079 days ago

CC + Sword + One more epic armor with a CC over legs skirt, wings built into the armor (One black, one white) I'm sure you would know exactly what to do with the rest of the designs, I'm just throwing out ideas. lol

Akriloth 1079 days ago

or are we going to fight back more than what we are doing in Pt. 2!!!!!!!!

Akriloth 1079 days ago

...... Apparently Nulgath is bribing his old cc armor if he wins Pt. 3! Are we going to stand for that

Akriloth 1079 days ago

Well if Dage had released the Beasts of War like he said he would for Pt. 2 it would have been ours

DageLxHi 1079 days ago

now that this armor will release in third war . and dage said that paragon will out if we win . let's make this war end . shall we ??
- Friendly_Kiler

tahu4260 1079 days ago

0_0 finally my prayers have been answerd

Akriloth 1079 days ago

Uh war is his. Dage is not in true form while Nulgath is. I still think the token shop should stay tho

Duskkys 1079 days ago

I do like this better then the current BM.

NadhifAndito 1079 days ago

Make IT CC and war will be YOURS >:D