Anomalous duck surfer.

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Update on personal.

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791 days ago

Update on personal.


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gab51299 761 days ago

Also, kinda weird hood shape, at the neck part

JSketches 789 days ago

so much win...on er those aren't socks are they

Zacrah_Agnall 790 days ago

looks very good..

carlkybff 790 days ago

Das hawt.

Veneeria_AQW 790 days ago

I kinda already updated the personal :) Moaaaar epic now. Just giving some details to make it awsum

Veneeria_AQW 790 days ago

lol nice

mieteor 790 days ago

This is an awesome design, love the details. But give me your epic hood, I know how to share.

YesThisIsAri 790 days ago

Those are feet? I thought they were epic toe socks.

MacianArt 790 days ago

why do you make us other flash artists look bad? xD

Paul_Apollo 790 days ago

Love it. I like the inside of the hood and the gauntlet the most in this personal armor.

Dan_X_Doa 791 days ago

Omg! Must stop my nosebleed over a pixel.

gab51299 791 days ago

Not bad, just kinda randomish colors to me

DarkonDrago 791 days ago

Oh, awesome foot! xD Love the arm Venee!

mturf 791 days ago

ossums ^-^

JeffTechnoWizAQ 791 days ago

Why do I keep thinking monster hunter. When I look at this?

Veneeria_AQW 791 days ago

indeed. But for that.. it had to connect to the rest of the chest.

ZeMageAE 791 days ago

Wow, nice

xserenaxaqw 791 days ago

you should add the same effect you did on the feet in the arm

KetuAE 791 days ago

That looks epic. o.o Weird feet, though. XD

Veneeria_AQW 791 days ago

i am tempted to add a shoulder xD