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U2_WalkOn 2017 days ago

Great pic The Edge :-)

gbwien 2340 days ago

Looking forward to the Vienna gig

AlexRaRe 2529 days ago

Thanks for the photo David, here at Mexico we're dying for you guys to come over here :)

potskiekaryakay 2594 days ago

my sister and i adored you guys!

cofwrocks 2625 days ago

My son is so inspired by you, he is only 8yrs old and he loves you!!! Thanks for sharing all you do, it means a lot!!!

42slow 2651 days ago

Dublin und Zagreb war, Wien und München wird. Robert

LizStephan 2653 days ago

hey boy

LizStephan 2654 days ago

The brazilians too!!!!

Mexicopolako 2656 days ago

wow wow wow! gracias, ya escuchamos gustozos que vienen para Mayo a México, los deseo volver a ver

ymoloney 2667 days ago

wow I am dizzy but it was worth it.

honour4 2674 days ago

Thanks for the photo's

JoIdeias 2690 days ago

What's up guitar merlin.. see u in Vancouver. take care!

serafilia 2693 days ago

Hope One day, You come also to Finland on Your tour. It's already been 12 years since last time so Pleeeeease. And thanks for shearing these pictures-You have made change to this world:)

pete1777 2703 days ago

Great photo gallery had a wonderful evening at the show in Dublin cheers

THEHOOKS 2705 days ago

Bit of a blur...

HollyMallory 2711 days ago

This must be working. I feel like I know you :) The Americans are waiting on you! Seee you in Atlanta.

TheStory 2716 days ago

This picture makes me feel dizzy...

gbwien 2723 days ago

Great show Croke Park 25th, beats Slane Castle I was in the pit with my Irish Flag :) God what a night, Bono got very emotional

Dimmy71 2726 days ago

Don't move, Don't talk out-a time, Don't think, Don't worry, everything's just fine Just fine. I'm from Brazil

lylybrunette 2728 days ago

Bono, is it you? ^^