The Mortality of Revontheus! Cloth part on the armor is CC to Base, Cape is CC to Trim and the Fur on the cape is CC to Accessory. Helm not included. 

Backstory: Revontheus, before becoming immortal was once known as Ganloth, the Enslaver of Dragons. Ganloth was known for his skills and determination in enslaving dragons, living and dead, both body and soul. Ganloth's skill grew rapidly throughout lore including the depths of the dark abyss. Eventually, the Archfiend @Nulgath himself, favoured Ganloth's power and so, he offered the hearty determined warlord the gift of power and immortality... and thus, within the heart of the abyss, spawned the new apprentice of @Nulgath...Revontheus! (o.\)

Also known to many as bird boy (>.\)