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The Worshipper of @Nulgath ! Fully CC!

@miltoniusarts @KingKlunk @lord_Dilligaf 
#Nulgathians #NulgathNation

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1712 days ago

The Worshipper of ! Fully CC!

#Nulgathians #NulgathNation


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DC_AE 1692 days ago

Dark Caster looks nothing like the org. 13 coat though lol

DC_AE 1692 days ago

reminds me of the organization 13 coat

God_of_Gamers 1709 days ago

my worshipper of nulgath doesnt display on my character but i can see all other ppl wearing it :(

KaiiTakahashi 1709 days ago

quite disappointed that there is no female variant of this armor

TheManWithABox 1709 days ago

i did some compairing
this and dark caster are very similar but are different.
im assuming that this is just the nulgath version of dark caster

LordhaikuAE 1709 days ago

Evil he said its fully cc anyways i love this armor especially cus its cc

EvilArvis 1710 days ago

red color is ugly

Zeroace1Lewis 1710 days ago

To me it seems like a mix of a kindom hearts orginization 13 coat and DC.

Zeroace1Lewis 1710 days ago

Reminds me of Dages DC but nevertheless i like it though.

tarvo27 1710 days ago

i didn't say you can't voice your opinion. just don't judge every legioner by just one.

SuperAEFan 1710 days ago

Hey man, can you make the hair cover both ears?

spartanAQW 1710 days ago

whats gonna be the price?requirements? :D 1000 acs will do dont make it 1200 :P

FrozenPotatoMan 1710 days ago

Eh, kinda reminds me of the Black Order's (D.Gray Man) Uniform (The Red Version)

MrsuccesfullAE 1710 days ago

I have the right to voice my opinion and if you Dont like it Dont comment on it.

Dragonmaster772 1710 days ago

if the hair becomes a helm im gonna make the hair orange

magnadragon00 1711 days ago

i might just grab it and just make it legion colors :P

magnadragon00 1711 days ago

i really like this! but why do you have to be on nulgaths side D: if this doesnt go up in war but comes out later or if it is ac i'll probably get it.

RDudeAE 1711 days ago

Nice! I bet all these people that are saying this armor's a rip off is gonna buy it! Amazing design.

tarvo27 1711 days ago

and just STFU and focus on the war, so you actually can win.. -_-'

tarvo27 1711 days ago

and just because you follow Nul, doesen't give you the right to judge others