Yes I am fake.


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VectrosD133 1582 days ago

Having fun being a hypocrite?

Belozw_AE 1584 days ago

If you criticize the work of Revontheus, first make sure yours is better! , What a shit! This is horrible "armor". :)

NeoReaperXIII 1591 days ago

Me gusta~ O uO!

BlakeP29 1593 days ago

It looks pretty bad :l

G73DZ 1593 days ago

Needs TENTACLES for hands :D

glydingonwater 1594 days ago

Ahhh, Kathool Adept Armor. Well done!

Jonneixx 1595 days ago

Can you make a RiftWalker AQW style armor please?
Surprise me!

Assassin9891_AE 1597 days ago

hmmm. smells fishy.

DoomSkuller 1599 days ago

mermaid Uroboros.

JeffTechnoWizAQ 1600 days ago

I am surpised. You don't make a helmet for this.. AT least as a joke. XD

Coxy_XD 1600 days ago

You sir just made my day with this armor ^_^ (my personal class I use in DF), can't wait to see it with its claw and its helm ^_^ (maybe its cape to ;P)

Cowctus 1600 days ago

actually, I'm one of the few guys in my town who doesnt watch that.

Shydoli 1600 days ago

perv iam sure you wach p***o :O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top_AE 1600 days ago

ALL HAIL KATHOOL!!!! But still.....too many tentacles and needs MOAAARRR CORRUPTION!!!

MulamboAE 1600 days ago

can it be clickable?

XnaraArts 1600 days ago

Yes I know the claw-hand will be added to it when it goes in-game.

Cowctus 1600 days ago

Great redesign as always man but <insert overused joke about sexual cartoons here>

MulamboAE 1600 days ago

kathool adept have a claw hand

Veneeria_AQW 1600 days ago

tentacles... tentacles everywhere.

Paul_Apollo 1600 days ago

Nice job, and I thought of remaking that armor, but I know mines not better than yours.