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Look who I ran into at a nearby store. She's famous! :-)

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2407 days ago

Look who I ran into at a nearby store. She's famous! :-)


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PrinceRalph 2399 days ago

OMG! thats her! fisrt thing i noticed was her split ends.

death4breakfast 2406 days ago

side thought: is this woman on twitter? haha shes probably very interesting to talk to :]

death4breakfast 2406 days ago

wow this is hilarious! i work at a starbucks and every time i look over the espresso bar at this picture i swear to god its a midget woman slurping a vivanno eerily from the cafe staring at me. then i realise im dumb :] still funny to see this picture!!!

arjury 2406 days ago

I love Strawberry but I don't like Banana.

meredahling 2407 days ago

really hate bananas but customers sure do love the new SBS

joannk831 2407 days ago

That is so awesome!!!

Big_Bow 2407 days ago

I LOVE that smoothie , its amazing !

arfritz 2407 days ago

The Strawberry Banana is my favorite Vivanno

itsNOTivan 2407 days ago

Her pic that goes on the doors always makes me feel as if a customer is looking at me! The new strawberry sauce is good!

thomasgetchius 2407 days ago

I had one this last week and it was fabulous! I wish it came in large

wnemay 2407 days ago

Vivanno taste like protein powder, yuck!

aimeenj 2407 days ago

Awww thats so great :) I want to take a pic drinking a Chai Tea Latte, my favorite ever!!!

prettysco 2407 days ago


Levan_Charly 2407 days ago

I love it :D

Kaleem1966 2407 days ago

Woe!! Too cool. I'll try one tonight ... On my way to work.

jeehng 2407 days ago

I absoutely love Vivanno smoothies :)

lilybozier 2407 days ago

very cool! Is she entitled to a life time of free vivanno smoothies? I hope so :D

mandyferrero 2407 days ago

haha that's so cool!

KDumbledore 2407 days ago

Oooh there's a new Vivanno?! I want to try it!

bails36 2407 days ago

Haha, I love it.