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Bird Boy :O

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778 days ago

Bird Boy :O


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MastR_of_LMNts 772 days ago

idk if its just me but this armor set looks kinda legion

alwalumslayer 772 days ago

awwww why did you make your armor rare with in the 20 minutes

jaaatik 773 days ago

u delete this armor from drop.

AmirHaziq1798 776 days ago

Dont underestimate the Nulgath Appprentice...REVONTHEUS!!!

DatRinma 776 days ago

Mephilies, that is the point. He may have this look, but he's obviously pretty strong based on his back story.

mephilies 776 days ago

Not really that good imo.
like there's no muscular lining.
So basically your character looks oddly pail and weak.

JerazLFNZ 776 days ago

Love it. Love the pose, the look of innocence, yet bearing symbols of power, darkness and evil. Well done, you've truely captured the feel of your character in this one :)

Veneeria_AQW 776 days ago

What is that in the sky? is it a plane? a bird? No! it is a bird boi!

XCaliburXxX 777 days ago

Not to bad for the apprentice of the best artist AQWs has ever seen.

dragontackle 777 days ago

Is that a sword, or are you just happy to see me?

BoodyAhmedChamp 777 days ago

nice revontheus keep it up

Orochi25x 777 days ago

Chickens cant fly idiot.

TrueAnonymouss 777 days ago

Revon is so awesome that his siggy is as larger than his torso.

JSketches 777 days ago

Fly away Bird Boy, FLY AWAY! before your Fried Chicken

NeonVanKiterAQW 777 days ago

is that a bar code?

ZeMageAE 777 days ago

Amazing once again Rev

JeffTechnoWizAQ 777 days ago

Hey at least. Your not like 99% Of the warriors. That have so many muscles it not even funny. So I am guessing the blade is made out a light/strong metal? Or enchanted by magic to be easy to use?

SoulAlly_Hanna 777 days ago

wow! I wish I could draw like that! Amazing! Keep up the great work! :D

shadoow4 778 days ago

lol srry but it look like ulquiara in bleach XD
but it is cool and amazing

Quintenii_AE 778 days ago