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Ralph Cho Ridenour RIP

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2545 days ago

Ralph Cho Ridenour RIP


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KOSTEP 2531 days ago

Margaret, sorry for your loss! We lost our own last year - so sad. Had to get a puppy to help with the pain - you might try!!!

WelderGirlLC 2537 days ago

so sorry for you I just lost my big dog on 7-14-09. It hurts so much

DivineMissJEN 2537 days ago

*hugs* we lost our youngest n march & its still very hard...wishing u some peace....i know how much u miss them! :(...

ax2dubya 2538 days ago

RIP Ralph, he was a beautiful dog.

NiteingGail 2544 days ago

You poor dear. I lost my dear Pearly Girl a couple months ago. She was almost ten. Praying for you.

selby67 2544 days ago

ohhhh noooo!! soo sorry margaret...i can feel your pain..long live his memory..xo selby, toby, henry, and their mom.

urbandogma 2545 days ago

Oh woof....RIP sweet boy.

bradleybowen 2545 days ago

I'm so sorry. I know how hard this is.

armyoflarry 2545 days ago

Oh no. I'm so sorry. We are so lucky to get to share the world with great creatures like these!

crowgrl13 2545 days ago

I'm so sorry, Rest well, big guy. I'm sure he had a very happy life with you.

KijanaWazHere 2545 days ago

Rest In Peace, little Ralph :(

KijanaWazHere 2545 days ago

Rest In Peace, little Ralph :(

wilgarcia1 2545 days ago

Oh no!1! Well i bet you gave him a great life and he loved every moment of it

camilleteaux 2545 days ago

So sorry for your loss. They have our hearts, don't they?

malliebee 2545 days ago

so sorry to hear of your loss, losing a pet is never easy

kebyar 2545 days ago

oh ralph! i'm so sorry to hear this! i don't think he could have had a happier life, though.

genjerleigh 2545 days ago

Hopefully your dog was really old, at least, and lived a long life.

LetsJustDance_1 2545 days ago

My many condolences from one furry four-legged creature BFF to another.

gatorphunk 2545 days ago

Many condolences coming your way. Ralph is a true champion, and is always looking out for you. RIP, sweet Ralph!

dalelasson 2545 days ago

I wish I could make it all better. Know that Ralph will frolick freely until you two are together again. I lost my beloved Caesar (collie) Christmas Eve two years ago. Sending a big hug...