Greg Graffin


Anarchy Evolution, Punk Professor, and Bad Religion

A rare day off from the Warped Tour, at home. Tomorrow it's back on the road again.

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2571 days ago

A rare day off from the Warped Tour, at home. Tomorrow it's back on the road again.


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Jeffitaph 2529 days ago

Nice room, is that the one you were building when I was visiting?

lecavalcanti 2565 days ago

look right behind you to the South American map and remember that Brasil is waiting for you! Last year's concert was unforgettable.

gabriellef_ 2566 days ago

Gorblethorp on July 17, 2009
I want your babies.
therealjohnking on July 17, 2009
I want your life.


HycaroFiori 2567 days ago

South America Map behind.... please come back to Brazil again!!!

Gorblethorp 2567 days ago

I want your babies.

TheRealJohnKing 2567 days ago

I want your life.

DRUGFREEGEE 2568 days ago

it's so great that you still know the whole idea behind punk music. change the whole fucked up damn stupid world, not screwing ten girls at a party and drink until you throw up. unbelievable that this man on the picture is the singer of an ass-kicking pun

rmg512 2570 days ago

[continuing last comment] d asking the right questions isn't a bad thing, right?

rmg512 2570 days ago

I say in your next album you pull a kind of RATM Evil Empire number with a collage and/or list of books you recommend that influenced your thinking. That'd be sweet! I know BR's aim isn't to be didactic or proselytize, but a push in the right direction an

agnstdgrain 2570 days ago

Ahh, see you're reading about the father of modern botany ;)

IgnacioKronja 2570 days ago

hey greg! when we will see you again in argentina?? (it´s the country behind your right ear =P)

burned_toast 2570 days ago

looks like you have a niice house =)but your book looks a little boring =P

CharlesRubinoff 2571 days ago

what the picture doesn't show, however, is that inside that book cover is just a comic book.

mpiazza 2571 days ago

Nice house!