This That Type Of Shit You Run And Tell...Im Now Hotter Then The Nigga That Is Running Hell...Born Winner So I Vow To Never Take An L...So Heavy In The Game I Fuck Around And Probably Break The Scale...I Was Told That This Rap Shit Is Try And Fail...But That Trap Shit Is Die Or Jail...And The Way Judge Denyin Bails And Niggas Firin Shells...I Put The Pen To The Pad And Figured Out I Might As Well. They Say The Road To Sucess Will Lead You Up The Hill...But Im Steady Chasing Money So Im Climbin Still Grindin Still...Me And The Hood We Anit Spoke A Min...Im Like The Only Nigga With Emotions In It...Too Many Niggas Watched ScarFace And Over Did It...I Just Pray That Small Mind People Grow A Smidget...When Its Over I Hope That My Souls Acquitted...Alot Of People Up In Heaven I Owe A Visit... B.E.Z @Vatican6