Heading out for an easy cruise...

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2568 days ago

Heading out for an easy cruise...


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speedoflite1 2567 days ago

Georgie looks extremely happy where he is, and,of course, I'm thrilled for him. Ewwwwwwww, not sure if that's good/bad. (He and Lance are like bros & should naturally ride together like always).

deesigner2 2568 days ago

George, wish there was a shirt for the best domestique, because you certainly deserve it!!! and not only this year, but over many.

watsthebull 2568 days ago

the lads looking cool as feck . get cav twitting

espertron 2568 days ago

You guys are rocking the Oakley Jawbones, eh?

sadorland 2568 days ago

An easy cruise with Astana? :-P Glad you are taking time with them though, the rivalry and fights business is already getting old.

dcho99 2568 days ago

Way too chummy.

ray1938 2568 days ago

You guys look great!

fabien_pichard 2568 days ago

Cool pic!!

bigmike01star 2568 days ago

I like the pictures, keep rocking the #TdF.

oliverwegner 2568 days ago

Cool shot. This looks like fun & team spirit. Keep rocking the TdF.

nickrupp 2568 days ago

George- I thought you were headed for a stage victory this weekend. Versus had some nice coverage of you descending and some nice comments about how good a descender you are. Good luck this week.

eatchocolate 2568 days ago

Nice shot, heading out for an easy 5K run at 90 degrees @ 7am AZ time, man I GTG.

703bound 2568 days ago

Good luck guys!!! We are cheering you guys all the way from Singapore!

Cervelo100 2568 days ago

Cav the eurosport commentators on Sunday stage swore blind your were in the peleton , rather than the gruppetto.well ridden

evs0104 2568 days ago

Mhmmhm mhmmhmh nice sunglasses....Waiting for you guys passing by Aosta Valley next week... Ciaoooooooo

joeblack05 2568 days ago

now this is a team here, keep having fun!

EmmaB_73 2568 days ago

great shot...thanks for all of the personal updates...they beat Bob Role's nonsense!

cameronmarett 2568 days ago

Best of luck for the week chaps..... Get Cav on Twitter. ITV interviews redefine boring.

lizzisimmons 2568 days ago

nice to see mick with the livestrong band!

finephoto 2568 days ago

This pic really captures the spirit of you guys! A pat on rear of each one for such a great job this year!