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Other helm & weapon Variations

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1413 days ago

Other helm & weapon Variations


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MrOlegsL 1391 days ago

What happened with sage hood of revontheus?

XandredAE 1406 days ago

why n the game the feet is small?

RetrixLulabee 1406 days ago

Why was the long hair removed?

Zeroace1Lewis 1407 days ago

Also this looks like a new version of Hex.

Zeroace1Lewis 1407 days ago

Is the glow on the scythe going to be CC?

Raptutch96 1407 days ago

i want that hood so bad ^_^

RDudeAE 1408 days ago

I love this armor. Was your inspiration for this armor from Hex of Nulgath? If so, good choice.

AracnidAQW 1408 days ago

is right, this armor is too good not to be a AC armor.

HatredKenetzki 1409 days ago

Make it ac's so it will not be OVERUSED armors

HeadCrusherAE 1409 days ago

Don't make that armor an AC armor. Too many cool armor's became AC ones.

mephilies 1409 days ago

You'r scythe looks like the sanguine.
But im still saving my ac for this epic set.
(honestly imo this is the only good void so fare.)

KetuAE 1409 days ago

Just curious, have you watched the Anime "Bleach"? o:

StellalunaAE 1409 days ago


DF_Knight 1410 days ago

I dont care how much this will cost, If its 500 diamonds I'll farm it, if its 2500acs I'll buy it!

DF_Knight 1410 days ago

Wow, Nulgath made the perfect decision of making you his apprentice!

aqwccoolhot 1410 days ago

u should release these amazingitems ths week =D

Raptarous 1410 days ago

Am I the only one who keeps this open in a tap just to drool over it all day long? I need Sage.

PortableAngel12 1411 days ago

You're making awesome upgrades to the void breeds. I see Hex in this

Schillehh 1411 days ago

Amazing job mimicing Miltonius, just <3

orihime_51AE 1411 days ago

love the armor and the forth helm