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The Sage of Revontheus!

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1111 days ago

The Sage of Revontheus!


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Rsrdaman 1100 days ago

HELOOOOOO, he just ripped off dages scythe... http://twitpic.com/a6h4wi

Fabuullous 1104 days ago


Fabuullous 1104 days ago

seriously, can you release that version of the armor in game...the current one is horrible with the

santilmox 1105 days ago

Release it!!!!!

HeadCrusherAE 1107 days ago

Hopefully it's not AC armor. :l

eddmario 1107 days ago

Hopefully this is Diamonds or favors and not AC...

tahu4260 1107 days ago

dear god i want that scythe:D

Zacrah_Agnall 1109 days ago

It is very good but the scyth is bad

JeffTechnoWizAQ 1110 days ago

Nothing wrong with using the colors of dages little blade and turning it into a epic scythe. :D But still. I bet you can do better.

__Dst__ 1110 days ago

It'd be awesome if you made an orb pet to go with this set, Revontheus. c8

StargazerKan 1111 days ago

i'll just get the helm then

aqwccoolhot 1111 days ago

reminds me of hex 8D which is good ^^ nice job

HeadCrusherAE 1111 days ago

Awesome :0

BoodyAhmedChamp 1111 days ago

nice check my twitpic account ps :*

JSketches 1111 days ago

Now that's what you call a MAN Skirt!

FourBeardStrong 1111 days ago

Nice dress.

LucianoCaffaro 1111 days ago

sinsery , awsome i love it, will be on the game next week ?

XnaraArts 1111 days ago

Looks good personally I like the colors. The scythe reminds me of the one Dage made :p

MohdNajwan1 1111 days ago

No doubt why Milton chose you to be his apperantice , keep up your good work :D

NehemiahTheVamp 1111 days ago

Dat Scythe