Russell Peters


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Picture of the New Crib and Courtyard!

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1894 days ago

Picture of the New Crib and Courtyard!


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sher3000 1890 days ago

You wanna switch?

paro_monty 1892 days ago

Nice one

ankitdesai12 1892 days ago


RoShine 1893 days ago

You have made Brampton proud

nontourist 1893 days ago

Def nice crib. Watch it when ur skateboarding on the drive tho... could be crazy!

phabriss 1893 days ago

WHAAAAAT ?!?!?! Nice crib !!!

pamlagam 1893 days ago

holy shit, that's nice!

RavOwerie 1893 days ago

You can thank the filthy downloaders for this one!

yccola 1894 days ago

oh my god... would you like to be my next husband? ;)

reelrapsfan 1894 days ago

tooo good, TOOO GOOOD!

Sylviaetc 1894 days ago

RUSSELL! Your crib BLASTED MY MIND yaar, A1, first class, fantaaarrstic.

RapsFan4lyfe 1894 days ago

I agree it is mind blasting!!!! You rich bastard!!!!

RealDaveRegnier 1894 days ago

Russell your crib is fantastic, mind blasting , your crib is to good, to good!!!!

Liamer 1894 days ago

Why am I not a comedian!?!??!?!?

AmerG 1894 days ago

Nice, but try to be more energy you really need all the lights on?? ;)

Shawnsaysit 1894 days ago

Bloody hell! Do you have valet parking? Good for you pal! You've earned it!

Delphunkey 1894 days ago

So, when are you gong to be on MTV Cribs. Don't forget to stock up your cupboards with Kraft Dinner and your fridge full of Tim Hortons Coffee.

ademou 1894 days ago

Now you need a chaukidar, kansama, mali and soon an ayah !!! Good to see an Anglo boy doing well !!! Keep it up.

alex_tae 1894 days ago

so comedian can make money...

sparksfly2000 1894 days ago

You left Canada for this? Come on ... we have houses with six balconies (on the front) in B & T-Dot too.