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Alternate cape an wep for the Neofiend. Cape and wep are animated.

#TeamNugath #Nulgathians 

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1654 days ago

Alternate cape an wep for the Neofiend. Cape and wep are animated.

#TeamNugath #Nulgathians


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coolfire12310 1645 days ago

U shud cost 1k acs

Neo6574 1647 days ago

The only reason i'm saying I want this AC is because I want to be one of the people with it when it goes rare, just keep the entire set under 3k ACs and i'll be happy.

tahu4260 1650 days ago

Im just going to stare in awe until this comes out.... :D

KaiiTakahashi 1653 days ago

I love this! It reminds me of Tiger and Bunny, especially those side ear thingies.

SoulAlly_Hanna 1654 days ago

Amazing work! Let me say, Nulgath picked the right person when he picked you as his Apprentice! :D

gioninjax56 1654 days ago

yeah i think this one is cooler than dages nice revontheus

Artist_4_Hire 1654 days ago

I do like the weapon. is it going to be a dagger?

Artist_4_Hire 1654 days ago

This armor does look kinda cool for a Nulgath item. Maybe it's because milton didn't make it.

Raptarous 1654 days ago

Milton had a reason when he picked you to be his apprentice, thats because you're an amazing artist.

Aeythur 1654 days ago

Absolutely amazing Revontheus. Great job.

AmirHaziq1798 1654 days ago

I love the helm!!!

boomudoom 1654 days ago

diamonds or AC? I have a feeling that this will be AC... D:::

mturf 1654 days ago

interesting cape. i like the weapon too. nicely done

Shawnytweeter 1654 days ago

lol I would have paid 2-5k ac just for the armor, now i would pay up to 10k with that wep n cape xD

dan783 1654 days ago

Finally! A set of armblades that aren't total mirrors of each other. It still might be best to have some glow on the back one though.

johnlor1 1654 days ago

This is what im talking about xD, Dage's Robot fails

smoovekidrah 1654 days ago

it looks epic! you should definitely post the requirements for these soon. atleast 200 diamonds !

hajimesaitou3 1654 days ago

the best you are the best

LLBALDWINLL_AE 1654 days ago


ZalandriaAE 1654 days ago

VERY nice. The animation is going to look awesome.