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Lena Tulaunen Rogers
Spencer Palmer
Bryce Chamberlain
Hank Kester
R. LeRoi Nelson
Charles Metten
Gordon Jump
Robert Peterson
Ron Frederickson

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 was in response to a discussion on the temple film, temple. date added  commentary on LDS (mormon) temple film  The Mormon temple is a pretty strange and quirky place when.   The Making of the Mormon Temple Film - Recovery from Mormonism.  Who are the real stars of this secret movie watched by the faithful over and over again inside the LDS temples around the world.   Mormon Temple Endowment Movie..   Subject: Mormon Temple Film Production: Date: Mar 11, 2009: Author: Ken Taylor.  I never got to see the movie, just the stage version.  mormon temple film | Tumblr  Mormon Temple Film movie download Actors: Download Mormon Temple Film.   LDS Endowment  Mormon temple ceremony. Actors: Bryce Chamberlain: Jehovah · Ron Frederickson: Lucifer · Gordon Jump: The Apostle Peter · Hank Kester: Adam · Charles Metten.   Mormon Temple Film (Project #134) - Rotten Tomatoes  Review: A montage of scenes depicting the creation of the world is followed by a dramatization of the travails of Adam and Eve, as they are tempted by...   Temple Film Production Notes - Mormon Temple Endowment Movie. Comments. I would hope that...