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NeoFiend of Revontheus.

Sent from the future to aid to slaughter Legionaires.

@Nulgath @KingKlunk @Lord_Dilligaf

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896 days ago

NeoFiend of Revontheus.

Sent from the future to aid to slaughter Legionaires.


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AQWamorthras 875 days ago

Hope this isn't going to be diamonds. Those are a pain. I would pay 6K ACS FOR THIS!!

Artist_4_Hire 878 days ago

the ingame wings look so much more plain then the one's featured here? Why Aren't these out instead?

AKAKeefe 881 days ago


EnyceeTheEpic 881 days ago

Im glad to say This far better then dages blademaster 3012 I Cant believe the people sayingit doesnt

HatredKenetzki 889 days ago

Revontheus your "Awesome"

Fifer_AQW_Mod 890 days ago


PortableAngel12 890 days ago

this outshines Dage's robo-thingy in 9001 different levels.

Neo6574 891 days ago

yes, just yes :D

Darkfire8099 891 days ago

u beat nulgath.

tahu4260 891 days ago

oh dear god this is amazing:) (steals 5 of them)

Whs123AQW_DF 892 days ago

Awesome and as for it being metal well it could be dull from the battles/time travel it has endured

The_halabala 892 days ago

It would look so much better if you were to add gloss or metallic effects. But heck, what do I know?

kayswiss97 893 days ago

Wow, looks a whole lot better than Dages BM3012.

KeraFury 894 days ago

not bad, needs a lil gloss though, metal = needs gloss

MohdNajwan1 894 days ago


AmirHaziq1798 894 days ago

This armor is fuuuuuuuuuull of epicness!!!

Zeroace1Lewis 894 days ago

Just callin' it how i see it guys.

Zeroace1Lewis 894 days ago

This, by far looks nowhere as good as dage's BM3012.

Zeroace1Lewis 894 days ago

Get the hell outta here with that crap, the wings look overdone.

E_shadowspear 894 days ago

Epic...Future Nulgath/Revontheus