Hi I'm Khoa. Just a quiet guy who likes to draw and enjoys playing piano. I am happy. I also like fast machines.

The finished EpicDuel NPC I made. Animated version:

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1417 days ago

The finished EpicDuel NPC I made. Animated version:


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AQWguy 1407 days ago

Wow. Fuckin awesome.

JeffTechnoWizAQ 1409 days ago

I bet he loves kibbles and bits :D

SkylineSV 1409 days ago

Man, why does dis man have a wolf head xD jkjk

Veneeria_AQW 1409 days ago

You are no fun! oh well, it is still a neat looking npc. You shading on the fur and some other details is amazing. More amazing was the way you made the green look so more awesome .

KeraFury 1409 days ago

WOAH dats amazin. though one concern. whys dis wolf missin a tail?

evokersoul 1409 days ago

dude this is freaking amazing nice to see this stuff i really love it great job

ZukaiAQW 1409 days ago

Very nice!

SkylineSV 1409 days ago

Heh, there's no way this is as awesome as what you're describing. Yup! idk if I answered this.

Megas_Light 1410 days ago


Veneeria_AQW 1410 days ago

hhaha... lycus indeed .. :) Awesome dude.. this is beyond mountains of cake and joy of penguin-kicking ... A wordless out-worldly awesome npc.

Coxy_XD 1417 days ago

Its very nice job ^_^ can't wait to see Lycus's NPC in game ^_^, though I do wonder when 0_o

Kokujoe_AK 1417 days ago

Awesome work!! Do you use a tablet?? #justcurious