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A more.. black version.. This one and the "White/gold" one?

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1311 days ago

A more.. black version.. This one and the "White/gold" one?


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Dawis67_AE 1311 days ago

Srry i dont like it as a outfit. But shading and everything is as allways allright

Dan_X_Doa 1311 days ago

This one...The black looks like en-darkened lavender :/ try to change it to gray,then darker and darker ^.^ .Other than that,it looks great.And to think of it,this looked like a pirate armor O.o for TLAPD more than F-13 :>

ZeldaHoly 1311 days ago

I like the white gold one waaaaayy better :3

HEB_AE 1311 days ago

come on i like red so add both armors

Ravenicuz 1311 days ago

Black and gold looked better, But it's nice Just not captivating IMO.

Quintenii_AE 1311 days ago

also: Did you read my Doom Flintlock Pistol suggestion to go with this armor? :o

uktsemotion 1311 days ago

White and gold one will look really good!

0ShadowStories 1311 days ago

Shadow Hunter???? WHY?????????!!!!!

PicosaAqw 1311 days ago

finally something to look forward to for fri.

Quintenii_AE 1311 days ago

in some parts there is a more darkish red... I like that :)

RyanOrRyu 1311 days ago

i jizzed in my pants

ZalandriaAE 1311 days ago

You just made Ryan so happy. Great job Sean, I like it too!

RyanOrRyu 1311 days ago


RyanOrRyu 1311 days ago