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i've never been one for mystery novels but this looks like the place to start......

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2662 days ago

i've never been one for mystery novels but this looks like the place to start......


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smootzz 2638 days ago


KaylinVictoria 2644 days ago

that looks totally wicked!

Steph_Schauer 2644 days ago

Wow...that book looks very old but I think that adds mystery to the already acclaimed mystery novel =)

Airrocker68 2651 days ago

Just a little trivia this looks like a novel from the Hardy Boys, did you know that David Cassidy's brother was part of the mystery show

Airrocker68 2651 days ago

Looks like a Hardy boys novel, cool!

Airrocker68 2651 days ago

a little trivia, the mystery series the Hardy boys was David Cassidy brother. Don't bet the rent though!

Airrocker68 2651 days ago

A little trivia, The Hardy Boys mystery series was the brother of David Cassidy. Don't bet the rent check on this info!

Airrocker68 2651 days ago

Little trivia, the Hardy Boys series was David Cassidy's brother of the Partridge Family fame. Don't bet your entire savings on this trivia!

wickedmickey 2651 days ago

Very cool beginning, you'll enjoy it for sure..peace n love from Canada hope to hear from ya soon

iBibahSwag 2653 days ago

iLu((♥)) OGM!! reaLLy you're so good!

blossom_143 2653 days ago

Like you said, it looks like the place to start so why don't you. It looks scary but fun...enjoy!

StefyRgz 2654 days ago

mandy you're THE BEST!

teachermarc14 2654 days ago

Mandy, was just watching TV last night, congratulations for being one of the most sexiest young star,,=D

Airrocker68 2655 days ago

Mandy, have you every heard of was it curiosity that killed the cat. If so the my loveable cat, Irving could have been made into a novel.

x3mandaaax3 2657 days ago

love all of your albums ... love all of your movies... YOUR A WONDERFUL SINGER AND ACTRESS LOVE YOU mandy moore your my insperation x3

reallaura 2658 days ago

mandy your last album is INCREDIBLE, I can not stop listening to it, I think I am addicted to it !! :)
Thanks for such good music.
Kisses from argentina

motorcyclesick 2660 days ago

I wrote a song called "Ca'nt forget the children of 911" I could picture Mandy singing it at the yearly gathering of stars at ground zero to raise $ for them and the victims.

fluentjb 2660 days ago

I do not know why you indulge that particular person. Seriously, you guys are better than that. I agree with attention will only feed the crazy. And agree also, that this is a funny as heck!

69acheron 2661 days ago

...the code book. That will help.

69acheron 2661 days ago

Oh mysteries are easy to solve when you have a brain that works that way. Ask Pansy for the code book. That will help.