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..Mutant! He's a friendly guy. (The spikes behind is a cape) ENJOY #FridayThe13th

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929 days ago

..Mutant! He's a friendly guy. (The spikes behind is a cape) ENJOY #FridayThe13th


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bossmikeyAQ 927 days ago

I think i fell in love with this armor.

I_AM_A_DEMENTOR 928 days ago

I laughed when i saw the head on this

aqw_eeedy 928 days ago

Gotta say its pretty epic aranx!! Maybe a helm or another kind of face, wich fits better?

Cowctus 928 days ago

my god he looks friendly indeed, dayuuum.

SkylineSV 928 days ago

You mean fiend-ly haha

ArytAE 928 days ago

Like a Venom x.x

AvengerAQW 928 days ago


NyarlathotepAQW 929 days ago

O___O Woo! Finally something to match the 'ol Grotesque Bow (and recent Sanguine blade).

Cody486AE 929 days ago

So awesome :D

Resi_goes_evil5 929 days ago

That's just Crazy bro. Nice job.

Art_DS_Raja 929 days ago

ok this is BY FAR the best thing u have ever made! It is TOTALLY AWESOME!

Top_AE 929 days ago

:O NICE! I would love to see a helm....i dont personally like the foot designe and the knee with the top part of the leg look weird in my opinion with that line separating it

Ravenicuz 929 days ago

Very nice indeed, But it's always bothered me the head never matches the armor, always needs a helm

Megas_Light 929 days ago


mieteor 929 days ago

Woah, this has to be your best flash work due to the level of depth and texture.

TheManWithABox 929 days ago

is he a teenage mutant ninja turtle?

CarlosTheZayas 929 days ago

looks pretty cool, interested to see what the helm will be, if there is a helm.

Yobi_AE 929 days ago

I love it ! :) Your art is good. Why you are just be an Assist Artist ?

uktsemotion 929 days ago

Maybe having a default head to match the Outfit would be nice. Rather than a Normal human head