Anomalous duck surfer.

Still making it... Not even half done. Well.. the head is done

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1414 days ago

Still making it... Not even half done. Well.. the head is done


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Crux_Haptism 1410 days ago

it reminds me of yuna from FFX-2

ZeMageAE 1411 days ago

Wow, nice

Veneeria_AQW 1411 days ago

The idea for the leg is cool.. just am not sure about the chest... even though armor on chest is a good idea

Duskkys 1411 days ago

Skirts like that on armors but the belts around the stomach that come down complement it

Duskkys 1411 days ago

The wrap an buckle around the leg an feet look cool to me An the skirt i haven't seen a lot (cont)

Duskkys 1411 days ago

Try something like that for the chest.

JSketches 1411 days ago

How many forms does Veneeria have, a thousand to one

Veneeria_AQW 1411 days ago

yeah.. i just haven't continued since then.. i can't think of anything better for the chest :( (or feet/skirt)

Duskkys 1411 days ago

Wow this is nice i love this look; I'm guessing this would be your personal if anything else.

DatRinma 1411 days ago

Looks very Final Fantasy X-2 style. Love it.

iceland_vu 1411 days ago


l3r421L 1412 days ago

Great cape !

qutenoob 1412 days ago

dont make a male version i want guys to look like pesant rages while they wear this XD

Cowctus 1412 days ago

The next time you tell me you can't make good armors ima slap you with a tuna cuz this is great. whens the male version done? :P

tahu4260 1413 days ago

I love it:)

marhirari 1413 days ago

acho que o peito e a armadura no bra├žo poderiam combinar, quer ajuda?

AvengerAQW 1414 days ago


L4crador 1414 days ago

Esta bom assim.

TyroniusAQW 1414 days ago

Woah it looks soooooo amazing ;D