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Aud Egede Nissen
Jenny Hasselqvist
Pola Negri
Jakob Tiedtke
Margarete Kupfer
Paul Wegener
Ernst Lubitsch
Carl Clewing
Harry Liedtke

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2006 Kino International DVD edition.   Sumurun Reviews & Ratings - IMDb  Review: One Arabian Night Tale - In the Orient, a troupe arrives in a village and the hunchback Yeggar (Ernst Lubitsch) is in love with the dancer Yannaia... Sumurun (1920), color-tinted black & white, 103. Download Sumurun.   Film Information - Sumurun - Kino Lorber DVD/Blu-ray Store  Synopsis: In the early 1920s, Ernst Lubitsch was among Germany’s leading directors and one of the few European filmmakers to consistently find success at the.   Amorita Movie - Unbelievable Yacht Crash Caught On Film, 7-7-07 An Unlucky Day, Sumurun Accident  Silent Era : Home Video : Sumurun (1920) Review  This early Ernst Lubitsch feature film was stars Pola Negri and Paul Wegener. Paul Wegener as the Old Sheikh Carl Clewing as the Young Sheikh Jenny. .   Review of Pola Negri/Ernst Lubitsch film Sumurun, aka One Arabian Night, on DVD from Kino Video  100 Films in a Year » #7: Sumurun (1920) -  Sumurun seems completely different to any film yet seen in the Berlin box set, yet this is more in line with the style of film that would ultimately lead Lubitsch to.  traveling dancer in the stage production, and later starred in a silent film of the.   Ramon | l'AlterBlogRamon | l'AlterBlog  Sumurun movie download.   Amorita Movie - Unbelievable Yacht Crash Caught On Film, 7-7-07 An.   Sumurun (1920) - IMDb  Director: Ernst Lubitsch.   Sumurun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Sumurun (aka One Arabian Night) is a 1920 German silent film directed by Ernst Lubitsch. .  Sumurun--At Long Last! Review of Pola Negri/Ernst Lubitsch film