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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

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With @thejillthompson in Chinatown square. Now off to record stuff.

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1893 days ago

With in Chinatown square. Now off to record stuff.


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GrearHouse 1884 days ago

Kawaii!!! Love that bag.

dragonsbard 1888 days ago

Awrsome purse!

lakritzefrau 1889 days ago

thank you so much for pointing me jill's way. didn't know her, googled her and now i'm a fan. thanks!!!

StarrYogaGal 1892 days ago

She should market that purse, would be a big hit!

fealiks 1892 days ago

AAAH! I loooove Jill Thompson!

blacklacelv 1893 days ago

It looks like we ALL want that bag!

Werefrog 1893 days ago

Wow, I love that bag!!

MrBillyBones 1893 days ago

MOM! What are you doing out of the secrets-closet...and where's the rest of you!

jewishlibrary 1893 days ago

I suppose that bag is one way to get a head

jufajardini 1893 days ago

makes me think of Grim Fandango...

SteffanLongdon 1893 days ago

OT: In all your power, Neil, please try and get Neverwhere made into a film with Alfonso Cuaron directing it. That would be a dream come true.

Lacerslife 1893 days ago

That's an extremely cool bag!

mindmouthsoul 1893 days ago

I want that bag!