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Week 1 war item lineup. plenty of weeks to go with tons of items :D

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802 days ago

Week 1 war item lineup. plenty of weeks to go with tons of items :D


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Yo4ndr3y1 798 days ago

what soulkriss wep?

zorousbladeAE 801 days ago

SSSSSSSSsssssssss*blows up with excitement*

Zorotheshaodow 801 days ago

is it ac shop or tokens???

qutenoob 801 days ago

i just wonder since its 2nd month of summer and dage promissed us soulkriss
so where it is?

LuckyKn1ghtAE 801 days ago

xDD Dual Caladbolg will make a fucking big lag O.O

LuckyKn1ghtAE 801 days ago

the small blade from the cape is the 3rd sword from this pic.

cooljetcc098 802 days ago

the small blade by the cape sould be dagers thats epic

bondand_sajalah 802 days ago

i want dual caladbolg !!

JSketches 802 days ago

I think I'm going to need a bigger bag :D

darksoulandel 802 days ago

I WANT THE KRIS!! needs to be dual wield.. :)

ZeMageAE 802 days ago

Plenty of weeks to go!? o3o

Gaara_soul 802 days ago

OMG! Dage you always surprise me with His epic items! : D

HEB_AE 802 days ago

dat flail, hope it has its own attack animation

Ryu_Tamashi_ 802 days ago


johnlor1 802 days ago

Hmm if no Legion token are required, then i'll go with the cape, mace and the axe :3

diwaylonbolden 802 days ago

omg lol it going to be so funny dage has more people on his side and nulgath ant shit all kick his ass my self long live the evil dage mahaha

LucianoCaffaro 802 days ago

this is the first stuff from dage, the others stufs will be awsome, DAGE IS THE BEST, IM FROM LEGION TROPYES :D

XXHoussXX 802 days ago

you cant make awesome items bruh ima nulgath fan common ur gonna make me switch nao thats messed up

VitorMarchezini 802 days ago

Hey Dage, the Dark Caster Class, will be released during this war?

BlackMoes 802 days ago

This is why i am Team Nulgath!