Roroth once was a man without satisfaction, he served the Abyss Lord, Nulgath, for decades. Nulgath promised him to fulfill one wish if he kept serving the Abyss Lord until he reached the age of 100. Nulgath, thinking Roroth would not reach the magical age, now had a servant that did everything he asked for. Roroth could only think about one thing, becoming mightier than anyone. With that in mind, he kept working for Nulgath until he lost one's reason. When the man himself reached the age desired, he asked Nulgath to become as mighty as the Abyss Lord. Nulgath smiled and gave Roroth what he asked for. And so, Roroth became just as mighty as Nulgath is, with the slight difference Roroth had become insane of doing millions of quests. He didn't know how to use the mighty powers Nulgath had given him and so, Nulgath controlled his mind and he got an even mightier servant. Roroth.