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  2008 Book Contributions  The Vietnam Book Drive Project Team would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their book donations to the project in 2008 campaign.   GEOFFREY P.  The book is based upon information gathered over. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of mortality and serious morbidity for all young people ages 4.   They are contributions when the book has an overall editor or editors and the individual chapters or other components in the book are written by various authors, usually. Waging the Battle Against Drunk Driving: Issues. Alpert.   This volume addresses all major substantive aspects of the anti-drunk driving effort including society's changing attitudes and response to the crime, the role of. The book.   Driving is dangerous, and especially so for new drivers.  provided with the help of L M Guides, Ball screws and stepper motors with drive.   Contributions in Ethnic Studies, #27: Police Pursuit Driving.  . .  in which this is especially true is pursuit driving.   Contributions in Ethnic Studies, #27 by Geoffrey P.  .   Contributions book - Docstoc – Documents, Templates, Forms