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 Other comedy movies show funny stories or situations in which people are behaving in. Shakespeare: The Comedy Of Errors - Stratford Collection: Richard Monette.: Movies & TV. Shakespearean Comedy on Film | PBS .   Comedy - The Canadian Encyclopedia  The development of comedy in Canada, like much of all show business in.  parodies of well-known plays, movies and TV shows..  well-written sitcom, or animated show. .   "The Shakespeare Comedy Show" Episode #1.3 (TV episode 2006) - IMDb  Director: Richard D'Alessio, David Popescu.  part of the fun of watching the show live is. .  will focus on the aspects of Shakespeare's comedy.   The Broad Stage is an Artist’s Dream and an Audience’s delight - forging a new kind of artist and audience experience in Los Angeles | Theater shows, dance, film. Actors: Julian Richings: Ranting Bard · Ryan Bonne · John Bourgeois · Dwight McFee · Richard Waugh · Sean Cullen. The Comedy of Errors - BBC Shakespeare Plays: BBC/Time Life: Movies & TV. Shakespeare: The Comedy Of Errors - Stratford.   Vampires Meet Shakespeare Comedy ‘Rosencrantz And Guildenstern