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응답하라1997 촬영중 찍은 사진!~^^

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1490 days ago

응답하라1997 촬영중 찍은 사진!~^^


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IamBonitaah 1485 days ago

Can wait untill the Drama you are in comes out !!!!!!!!

Melaniewoo95 1487 days ago

Waaaaa~ KYEOPTA !

RouraMiss 1488 days ago

awesome awesome awesome awesome <3 <3 nothing to saaaaay <3 take care of yourself <3

wana1991 1490 days ago

ohhhhhh u so cute.............i can't say anything but love <3 hehehehe u r ma boy <3

Coffee_and_Kids 1490 days ago

is that a fastfood restaurant I see?

CIw_9012 1490 days ago

Ganteng nyoooo~ :)

IFNT7_BIANCA 1490 days ago

잘생겼다우리오빠! ^^

KoreanDrama808 1490 days ago


zhana20_ 1490 days ago

My handsome Hoya... Love u =D

domencia_192 1490 days ago

cute ^^

sylwia_87 1490 days ago

You're so handsome!! Good luck!! And remember to take a rest ;) Thank You for photo ;) FIGHTING!!

LSuong_Nguyen 1490 days ago

long time no see! miss u so much,my Hoya!><

Ning613 1490 days ago

Hoya baby ^^ you look so cute and have a good luck with your sitcom...fighting :))

CHAgi_0112 1490 days ago

nite hunny ^o^ sleep well then -___-zzzZZ

suemin1992 1490 days ago

오빠 잘생긴~ ^^

utakosung 1490 days ago

so cool

Kaori_Amaterasu 1490 days ago

와우,, 정말 멋지세요. 당신의 머리 스타일을 좋아. so great and cool guy.^^

951110_ 1490 days ago

so handsome ♥.♥ hô da của tui đáng yêu quá =))