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My Monthly Avi

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1467 days ago

My Monthly Avi


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AbzyAQW 1372 days ago


AbzyAQW 1372 days ago


QwertyVictor 1432 days ago

do u use adobe illustrater or photoshop, (pixels or vector based?)

QwertyVictor 1432 days ago

how smexy, i think im turning gay

Luis_enrique_16 1433 days ago


kamirulz 1435 days ago

lol thats so gay

Zorfinity 1449 days ago

Lol that's so hot

Dragonmaster772 1450 days ago

hey can you make an organization 13 member for oversoul/pic i can use for twitter XD

DoomSkuller 1453 days ago


I_AM_A_DEMENTOR 1455 days ago

love it but i dont like the eye patch :P

SoulAlly_Hanna 1463 days ago

Nice! :D I just LOVE your art!

Onilue 1466 days ago

I like you'r style. :/ Awesome.

Zinrio666 1467 days ago

Wait, what happened to your wings and why are you wearing a shirt and pants @ i'm so confused right now!?!?!?!

AvengerAQW 1467 days ago


Im_No_AngelAQW 1467 days ago

If i was to say i actually got quite "hot" when i saw this would you be afraid? >.<

ItzJuztMeJake 1467 days ago

hmm reminds me of something ;D *no homo* , i love the style , definitely ur own :3

Sothe_AE 1467 days ago

I like those horns.....*rips horn off* Looks awesome, *runs*

HansForeverAlon 1467 days ago

Can I has pillow?