Crazy TPers for Mitt!

This one (@therightsarah, "Sarah is Fed Up!") describes herself as "Just a girl who's fed up with the left's war on American Exceptionalism. Bitter clinger 'til the end. #Resist44 #NObama2012 #Mitt2012".

I sent her this link explaining in great detail how weak Mitt is on immig.:

What "therightsarah" describes as "leftist BS" could actually help her candidate beat Obama. And most would consider my post much more "rightwing" than Mitt. It's definitely more "rightwing" that TP darlings like MarcoRubio and leaders like Armey or Koch.

Instead of being smart enough to realize that and help move Mitt into a more popular (and better) position, all @therightsarah can do is dismiss and smear.

Those in the general TP sphere aren't capable of showing anyone how pols are wrong, and have emotional issues that prevent them from helping those who can.