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Heeeere's Gravelyn!

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1067 days ago

Heeeere's Gravelyn!


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mephilies 610 days ago

oo a template....Thats why i love you <3

Renez_AE 1061 days ago

well it looks like a disney princess

Smalls2233 1067 days ago

I made a response to this! http://twitpic.com/9ze909

LVXYZx 1067 days ago

Next Summer: Diozz vs. Mido war. I can feel it lol.

DoomKingOfAQW 1067 days ago

Hmm first Diozz then Mido both doing pinups of a female AQW NPC plz let this turn into an art shootout!

Pedrodarigan 1067 days ago

Dat Skull

mturf 1067 days ago

very disney princess, i love it ^-^

Dwightt_AE 1067 days ago

Nice job Mido. She looks good. ^_^ Her smile looks sort of awkward, though.. ;P

GriffinFire 1067 days ago

The anatomy could use some work, but this is really cute. She looks like she's relaxing by the pool. :)

nerdsage 1067 days ago

XD yah try to sell her to disney, i don't think they have an doomknight princess yet

BlakeP29 1067 days ago

Why is she sitting on the throne half naked again lol?

Another_Savant 1067 days ago

Fittingly enough with the theme, (I think it's a new reoccurring theme) it looks like it's by Disney.

Smalls2233 1067 days ago

Wow I didn't know that Gravelyn was a call girl.

Megas_Light 1067 days ago


BaronDante_AE 1067 days ago

I stand by what I said before... I'd love to see this colored. (Potentially as a wallpaper)

WonderpBread 1067 days ago

I love the way you drew chuckles XD

Hockeyman790 1067 days ago

The smile is really wierd IMO

SerLucane 1067 days ago

I love how crisp and clean you keep your line work Mido, great job on proportions,.I would suggest making her mouth smaller it seem a bit to wide. Keep it up!

LuisHenriqueLH 1067 days ago

WoW that is cool