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producer, entrepreneur, president of Verso Entertainment, founder of

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AboutHeaven4624 2536 days ago

(7:03:05 PM) (-: EVERYONE GO TO -

getkimchi 2537 days ago

is that a lamp? going to a premier? you lied! you said they weren't allowed :P

delgado342 2538 days ago

omg its shaq says the guy in the back lol at this picture

cindynow 2538 days ago

ha ha ha you're so mean! :D

EvaaTIME 2538 days ago

Haha ! xD

LWong52 2538 days ago

haha The guy in the back is looking.The picture is funny too.

ritakmartin 2538 days ago

That is so funny!

louie199 2538 days ago


icecandychan 2538 days ago

lmao that other guy did tho

SuckMyLauriePop 2538 days ago

He's probably listening to TWEET WHORE! :P LMFAOO That guy in the bg looks like my aunties bf hahaha

eetu156 2538 days ago

hi nice :D

noelleeeemarie 2538 days ago

xD LOL the guy at the back is like 8|

geetrinidad 2538 days ago

LMFAO, beautiful

Faint2196 2539 days ago

lol @ the guy in th back

Ice_Blader 2539 days ago

funny. the other guy is proboly jouleas

BchChld1 2539 days ago


pinghoan 2539 days ago

man thats funny.....hes snoring and the man in the back seems surprised! lol

thrallish 2539 days ago

lol :P

BalancingAct_ 2539 days ago

Wonder what he's listening to? He's absolutely GONE!

LollyyPop03 2539 days ago

aww :) lol