Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent; Exec Prod/Writer of TNT's medical drama Monday Mornings

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don't know if u can tell, have had three sets of sheets added to my passport. 72 countries over the last few years. haiti tomorrow...

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1873 days ago

don't know if u can tell, have had three sets of sheets added to my passport. 72 countries over the last few years. haiti tomorrow...


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smanoida 1859 days ago

Dr Sanjay you are doing yourself proud, Michigan proud, US proud, India proud, World Proud - God bless you

kailuabeachbabe 1860 days ago

Quite admirable Dr. Sanjay! You go guy!

JazzAndChocolat 1868 days ago

What I'd be interested to know is how many vacinations that translated into. My two trips last year - India and China - required more shots then I think I had going thru school.

leannmedina0411 1872 days ago

u r a cnn hero. keep it up... and have a safe trip.

kevinskonecny 1873 days ago

You make Michigan (Go Blue) proud Sanjay -- keep up the great work!

BrendaDKing 1873 days ago

Can I work for u after retirement? 2 more years. Enjoy.

mplsk 1873 days ago

don't you ever get afraid of contracting the diseases you report about? Happy trails to you!

abdulkasim 1873 days ago

How do you manage such a fast paced lifestyle? Insights/advise would be helpful to soooo many.

shammey 1873 days ago

Wow, can any American get pages added? I guess if you run out of pages on the road, they have no choice? who does that for you? Americn Embassy?

lakota100 1873 days ago

Wow, that's an exhausting schedule, but must be interesting!

smuravvej 1873 days ago

How do u manage a family with such a job?how often do u see ur family?curious coz i wil be a doc soon...

shruthi_archana 1873 days ago

u hav wonderful time travellin d world dont u

valiola 1873 days ago

Dr.Gupta is THE Surgeon General of the World. Have a safe trip!

AzeezaWhoSayin 1873 days ago

You are just traveling like crazy!!

nougatine1 1873 days ago

Dear Sir,
You are definitively in an "open and government country"...I was in WSH for inauguration and can see so happy things...As last Flu summit...your government need a "Media communicant"...in this critical time...What a pity you didn't accept...you

annleong 1873 days ago

72 countries in say, 3 years, makes 2 counties per month...u are truly a global citizen...

danar75 1873 days ago

I was wondering how they kept up with the stamps on frequent travelers' passports. Now I know they get government-issued addenda.

sunnyonthegulf 1873 days ago

Exactly where are u right now - what time is it there - just curious

thetrudz 1873 days ago

Grrrrreat passport. Makes me warm & fuzzy inside. Much love for you and your work.

adikool 1873 days ago

72 countries in last few years! thats great!