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#Oversoul Armored Wrog @MiltoniusArts @Dave_P_Johnson @Ben_M_Moss 

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819 days ago

#Oversoul Armored Wrog

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AgyronJ 816 days ago

Daimyo got buffed

Im_No_AngelAQW 816 days ago

& btw it looks nothing like Daimyo...Are you guys blind? It's obviously a Penguin.

Im_No_AngelAQW 816 days ago

Now that's a pet I would deffo wanna take home to eat (oops I mean meet) the kids !!! :O

Zinrio666 817 days ago

Rawr! :3

IMMORTALBREED 819 days ago

Thats funny cuz las time I checked daimyo was a dog not a cat!!!

Ryu_Tamashi_ 819 days ago

It feels like the armor is blocky. Maybe you can try to make armor that flows with muscle tone.

TheKidNamedEvan 819 days ago

Looks like a really epic version of Daiymo..