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잘자요 인스피릿 ^^

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911 days ago

잘자요 인스피릿 ^^


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glecybandojo 907 days ago

that baby is so adorable!!you have the same eyes..is the baby your cousin or what?:)

zhana20_ 909 days ago

So cute.... I love this pic... =D

sunggyubij 910 days ago

Is he your baby with jjongie? Hahaha XD

Yeol_MasterL 910 days ago

sooo cute ^^

SelvieY 911 days ago

Cute baby.... >_< 아.. 너도 귀여워.. ^_^

Kuramafreak 911 days ago

Cute ^^

KoreanDrama808 911 days ago

So cute, cousin? Good night^^

JuniorKim2301 911 days ago

Aigoo~ Kyeopta♥.♥ Both of you are very cute. It little cute baby that is your brother or grandson? And gomawo♥ Jaljayo Howon oppa♥ Have a sweet dream~ Inspirits are always love you^^

na_Yeollipop 911 days ago

Beautiful baby and beautiful oppa♥

RainbowZa_Fon 911 days ago

잘자요 ----->> 호야 사랑해 ^ ^

dp9812 911 days ago

잘자요 호야오빠^^
옆에아기는... 시트콤 찍는중인가??

DaVineey 911 days ago

oppa looks so cute and hot with this kid. *-* goodnight~

ektha1230 911 days ago

우왕 넘귀여워요ㅎㅎ둘다!ㅎㅎ 근데 옆에 천사같은아가는 누구인가요?ㅎ

BYG_611 911 days ago

Cute baby and cute oppa <3

BruninhaBlondie 911 days ago

waahhh... cute baby! and u look soooo HOT! *-*

Nallinaa 911 days ago

oppa, you're cute *О*

Ning613 911 days ago

Hoya baby ,you so cute...good night :)

Hyun_Kwon 911 days ago

Baby, you so cool

VivianPark1005 911 days ago

OMG u and that kid look so cute awwwwwwwwww, good night to u too