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UNLEASH THE WRATH OF THE HEAVENS with #Oversoul 's Priest! @miltoniusarts @ben_m_moss @dave_p_johnson 

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1174 days ago

UNLEASH THE WRATH OF THE HEAVENS with #Oversoul 's Priest!

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PoisonPoyoPoy 1077 days ago

He looks like apostle Michael from Dungeon Fighter only buff and manlier so awesome do/ want.

HolyKing_AE 1077 days ago

ADD this today pls pls pls pls pls I WANT TO POSSES GOOD GUYS!!!!!!!!!

Sothe_AE 1170 days ago

My jaw just rolled on the floor....lol jk, but honestly looks sick :P

SerLionhart 1170 days ago

HOLY PICKLES, now THAT is an effing priest.

Cowctus 1170 days ago

nice but please make a character with a mustache :D

Art_DS_Raja 1170 days ago

hatin' hair style/ head am LOVING the armor!!!!

LeZerky 1174 days ago

Cool! :D Looks amazing, I'm soooo gonna play #OverSoul!

MalletMoose 1174 days ago

Still waiting to see the moose character or the cybernetic moose

AvengerAQW 1174 days ago


kens_malice 1174 days ago


Vergil_Aqw 1174 days ago

i agree the head looks like its been hit with a sledgehammer

kens_malice 1174 days ago


kens_malice 1174 days ago

one thing head looks shushed