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1743 days ago


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HeadCrusherAE 1714 days ago

Ima steal that axe.

FinAQW 1734 days ago

Faith is Beautiful

DTAQW 1742 days ago

I still can't see Dage like that kind of person because the pictures he showed us were very different when he first became a Staff Member.

GiraAzuha 1742 days ago

Dage more like a photo model than an artist O_O

SamAqw 1742 days ago

Dage *-*

_mattvaughan_ 1742 days ago

From a distance... looks like Kevin Mitnick a bit... O_o

GiraAzuha 1742 days ago

Dage looks cool :3

I_AM_A_DEMENTOR 1743 days ago


Lorkade 1743 days ago

Faith looks gorgeous! And maybe it's just because the photo was taken from a bit of a distance, but what happened to Nythera's purple hair?

BlackshockArts 1743 days ago


mturf 1743 days ago

oooo u hadda stage. ossums ^-^

Faith_AE 1743 days ago

Erybody needs a lil' Faith in their life!!! <3 Twas fun!

Proke15 1743 days ago

Wish I was there, but I am only 13 and am not allowed to let alone afford to go to Tampa to a convention

tasospapand 1743 days ago

dude you got a haircut? that's why i didn't recognize you i wish i was there guys but i live in greece

Death_DA 1743 days ago

that was artixs' armour

Demento22 1743 days ago

Dage!Why u no wear DeathKnight armor you made?!

Alpharie 1743 days ago

Whatchu guys do there?

ainomourad 1743 days ago

wow you always nice guys :D

Top_AE 1743 days ago

THATS FAITH?!!! Wowww......she is too pretty to be there, lol!

WonderpBread 1743 days ago

(left to right) Faith, Galanoth, Nythera, Artix, Cysero and Dage The Evil