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The first Female Leopard warrior armour is done.

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1044 days ago

The first Female Leopard warrior armour is done.


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EvilArvis 1043 days ago

Nice . can u help me with this armor http://twitpic.com/95ry0z ?

Gutzvon 1044 days ago

I like it...but a cat is not a cat without it's tail, Aran.

ZeldaHoly 1044 days ago

Please also make a human version of this, its awesome! :O

AgyronJ 1044 days ago

Hey I just met You And this is crazy so heres some steak so pounce me maybe

l3r421L 1044 days ago

Can you ever try to make a muscular body with a wide back and big hands than normal ?

l3r421L 1044 days ago

The armor is great! You are currently doing the most interesting objects in AQW!

LeZerky 1044 days ago

Head is kinda weird man. LOVE THE SHOULDER.

Kokujoe_AK 1044 days ago

Can you add a dagger around the thigh strap??? I think it would complete the whole warrior feel!! Just sayin' :)

ZalandriaAE 1044 days ago

I love how you did the legs and the shoulder part. ^.^